A big heartfelt thank you to all of you who worked so hard to bring about this great victory at the polls this week. Not only did we get a great new Councilor in Jennifer Taub, but as Scott Merzbach said “District 3 Councilor Dorothy Pam prevailed in a contested election.” Thank you to those who went from door to door and gathered a surplus of signatures to get me on the ballot. Thank you to those who delivered signs all over the district. Thank you to all who hosted my sign on their property and emailed me when they were stolen so we could replace them. Thank you to those who contributed financially to my campaign to help cover the cost of printing and mailing. Thank you to those who hosted a meet and greet, baked food for social gatherings, and turned out for events. Thank you to those who wished me well when I fractured my foot, sent me cheerful emails, smiled at me and gave me thumbs up on the street, walked the many, many blocks and distributed campaign lit, said nice things about me to your neighbors. Thank you for telling me about problem- and issues, keeping me up to date on the latest news, contributing your ideas and knowledge, meeting with me on my front porch, sending me text messages. Thank you to the Progressive Coalition for endorsing me and providing cheerful and informed support. Thank you to those who come to District Meetings and bring your questions and comments. Thank you to those who show up when it is important to show solidarity. Thank you to those who were silent companions as we attended many Planning Board and Conservation meetings as attendees on zoom, sent great letters to the newspaper, testified at CRC meetings, and showed me that we were in this fight together and determined to win. And thank you to those who voted by absentee ballot when you knew you were going to be out of town, or voted early to get it done, or turned out on election day to vote at the polls. Every vote counted and I appreciate your votes and hope for your continued support.

A special thank you to Barbara Pearson, treasurer of my campaign, whose non-stop energy and deep knowledge of the neighborhood has made so much of this possible.




DAILY HAMPSHIRE GAZETTE Wednesday November 3, 2021(excerpts)

Walker top vote-getter as two lose reelection to council: Six new members join council as Ryan and Ross sidelined

AMHERST — Amherst’s next Town Council, when sworn in next January, will be more racially diverse, will have more women serving on it and will have six new members, based on unofficial results of Tuesday’s biennial town election.

While at-large incumbents Andy Steinberg of Hitching Post Road and Mandi Jo Hanneke of Foxglove Lane both retained their seats in contested elections, the other two incumbents who faced competition, District 3 Councilor George Ryan and District 4 Councilor Evan Ross, lost their reelection bids.

New Councilor Ellisha Walker of Autumn Lane, co-chairwoman of the Community Safety Working Group, won an at-large seat. She is joined by new District 3 Councilor Jennifer Taub and new District 4 Councilors Anika Lopes and Pamela Rooney, who won contested elections, and new District 1 Councilor Michele Miller and new District 5 Councilor Ana Devlin Gauthier, who both ran unopposed.

Incumbents returning in uncontested elections are District 1 Councilor Cathy Schoen, District 2 Councilors Patricia DeAngelis and Lynn Griesemer, and District 5 Councilor Shalini Bahl-Milne. District 3 Councilor Dorothy Pam prevailed in a contested election.


In District 3, Taub earned 238 votes and Pam 227, to take the two slots, with Ryan trailing with 190. Three years ago, in the inaugural council election, Ryan narrowly earned a spot on the council by 11 votes over the then third-place finisher.


Of the six candidates endorsed by the Progressive Coalition of Amherst, four earned spots on the new council: Walker, Pam, Taub and Lopes. The coalition didn’t endorse in uncontested races, and also gave endorsements to Douangmany-Cage and O’Connor.

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