Amherst Town Councilor District 3 (precincts 4 & 10)


Dorothy Pam


Who is in charge, the residents and voters in Amherst, or the developers and those who benefit from them? Who decides what should happen on your block, in your neighborhood? Does the push to build 4 needed capital projects require the silencing of neighborhood voices, the unlimited building of dorms right in the center of downtown, with barely any of the needed small commercial businesses, no parking required, no set backs, and certainly no private or shared green space?

Should zoning be run like a 3 card monte game set up to deliberately confuse the observer, with measures divided up in ever changing format, so that almost no one can keep track of where each measure has been or in what form it will appear at the next meeting?

Should the desire for density welcome speculators to convert lots with one family homes on them into large buildings that rent by the bed, saying no families need apply? Should Amherst go the way of so many college towns and become a jumble of run down unregulated rental stu- dent housing where no families can afford to live? If this is your idea of what Amherst should be- come, then do not vote for me.
But if you value the ambience of a small New England college town that includes diverse families, continues to have enough children to maintain our excellent schools, integrates college students into many neighborhoods, has a downtown with interesting and needed small businesses, then VOTE FOR ME.

If your vision of the future of Amherst is a more integrated, diverse community that opens up the possibility of home ownership to a wider group of people, believes in a re-visioning of how public safety is delivered, and puts its beliefs in equality into practice, then VOTE FOR ME.
I promise to continue to be independent, to have no master that dictates my actions and tells me what to do, to speak to and respond to my neighbors, to ask the hard questions, to hold people to account for their actions, and to believe in the possibility of genuine equality and civility in public life.

We can have a revitalized library, an excellent new school, and much needed Public Works and Fire Department facilities, expansion of attainable and affordable rental and owner-occupied housing, without making our Town unlivable for year-round residents. All that is needed is RESPECT and COLLABORATION with a wider group of people.

IN PERSON ON ELECTION DAY: Tuesday November 2nd 7:00am—8:00pm
PRECINCTS 4 & 10 Amherst-Pelham Regional High School, 21 Mattoon Street
EARLY VOTING: October 25, 26, 27, 29 8:30 am—4:00pm; Oct 28th 8:30am—8:00pm.
Town Hall, first floor Meeting Room
EARLY MAIL-IN BALLOT, last day to apply is October 27th by 5 pm. Allowed without any excuse.

RE-ELECT DOROTHY PAM for Amherst Town Councilor

District 3 (Precincts 4 & 10)
Serving on the Finance Committee and the Community Resources Committee (CRC)
WORKING to Strengthen year-round communities

  • Community Meeting

    Sidewalks repairs

  • A lively downtown with thriving street level retail & creative and performing arts spaces
  • Strong, safe & inclusive residential neighborhoods
  • Attainable and affordable rental and home ownership opportunities for families, workers, and senior citizens
  • Strong Schools, maintaining excellence for all
  • Inclusionary zoning across the board to increase diversity & affordability in housing
  • Energy efficient retrofitting for older homes Design standards that value setbacks, private & shared green space to establish community Parking required with new construction Re-visioned Public Safety & Social Services with creative Resident/Town led programs
  • Strong Reparations Program
  • Protection of our water system, agricultural, & conservation lands
  • Increased renewable & sustainable energy sources: Responsible, affordable plans for new net zero public buildings: the Renovated Jones Library, new Elementary school, DPW (Public Works), and Fire Station
  • Maintenance funds to prevent future neglect
  • Preservation and maintenance of North and South Commons
  • Downtown Performance places
  • Recreation programs for youth; renovated athletic fields, new skateboard park
  • Public rest room at Kendrick Park
Amherst Community History Mural at West Cemetery.