Selected articles from the Hampshire Gazette with Amherst Town Councilor Dorothy Pam’s comments on major issues

Amherst Residents Protest Supreme Court Decision On Roe vs. Wade 5/6/22

Amherst Commemorates Jewish American Heritage Month And Holocaust Remembrance Day 4/29/22

Developer will leave one of two ‘gateway’ trees separating UMass, neighborhood 4/19/22

Advocates renew call for more space at Amherst senior center 4/18/22

Amherst Town Council eyes rental bylaw changes 3/28/22

UMass neighbors object to removal of two big trees 3/24/322

New school cost concerns surface at Amherst council meeting 3/3/22

As large scale solar moratorium is debated in Amherst landowners protecting current zoning 2/9/22

Amherst councilors express concern about utility pole clutter 1/26/22

Six new councilors join second Amherst Town Council 1/3/22

Parking garage overlay district approved by Amherst Town Council 12/21/21

a decision looms over the parking lot overlay district in downtown amherst 12/12/21

amherst council assaulted as parking lot moves forward 12/1/21

Amherst Town Council continues moving zoning changes forward 11/30/21

Councilors give mostly high marks to Amherst town manager 11/29/21

Downtown Amherst project construction to resume parking to be lost 11/10/21

Three candidates running for two District 3 council seats in Amherst 10/26/21

Parking ban on Lincoln Avenue in Amherst nixed by Town Council 10/21/21

Amherst redistricting plan aims to give more power to BIPOC voices 10/19/21

Concerns about department heads leaving Amherst 9/21/21

Amherst Town Council rejects building moratorium endorses bylaw change to create more affordable apartments 7/13/21

Amherst Town Council establishes reparations fund 6/23/21

Council subcommittee advises against building moratorium for Amherst 6/16/21

Town Council approves North Common project in Amherst again 5/25/21

Amherst planners advise against moratorium recommend bylaw changes to encourage affordable housing 5/21/21

Moratorium on large scale residential developments in Amherst gets hearing Wednesday 5/17/21

Large mixed use buildings in downtown Amherst to be subject to possible moratorium 3/21/21

Amherst councilors call for temporary building moratorium 3/18/21

Town Council narrowly votes to appoint three new planners in Amherst 9/2/20

Town Council decides Amherst s fiscal year 2021 budget and police spending plan 7/21/20

Advocates for cutting police spending bring message to Amherst councilors 7/20/20

Amherst Finance Committee preparing recommendation on town budget including police spending 7/18/20

Parking restrictions eyed for Lincoln Avenue in Amherst 2/13/20

Amherst Town Council puts off decision on Lincoln Avenue parking restrictions 2/10/20

Modifying open container bylaw being explored in Amherst 1/28/20

Amherst Town Council lends support to state abortion access legislation 7/23/19

Amherst SRO vote 7/2/2019

In tie vote Amherst Town Council rejects campaign finance law 6/18/19

Campaign finance limits for Amherst faces criticism 6/7/19

Budget other spending items recommended by Finance Committee in Amherst 5/31/19

Councilors in Amherst continue discussions on appointments process 4/26/19

Profiles of Town Council candidates in Amherst 11/2/18

Sloviter letter 10/30/18

Field narrowed for Amherst s first Town Council 9/5/18