Dear Friends,
Here is my holiday greeting to you all — celebrating this dark year and the Great Conjunction today December 21st when what is so far apart will feel close together for a moment.

On reading the New York Times December 10, 2020:

Festival of Lights

It is the beginning of yet another dark year,

But each year is dark for a different reason.

Winter is the dark time where you either

Get on with it,

Or don’t,

Think deep thoughts

Remember old friends

And the dead.


Winter is the time for deep blooming

Down in the earth, in the dark

Waiting to be called upward

Taking its time, to the light,

Measured by the stars.


While Demeter wanders

Cold fields, grieving,

Persephone is glowing

in her dark kingdom,

Waiting her time of return

With the glory of spring

And new beginnings.


Meanwhile, in mystic patterns,

Above in the sky, birds

Sing celestial songs of

Winter’s coming,

Winter’s solstice,

“The darkest evening of the year.”


Now winter’s greatest misery


Brings the gift of long sought


Jupiter and Saturn

End their long isolation,

End their long separation,

To Form the Great Conjunction,

To the eye, so close

Even a dime can’t fit between them.

But in truth, apart by millions of miles.


So too are we like separated stars

Spread out through the firmament

Each in own orbit,

Distant, Spinning

Yet converging like the planets

To the Great Conjunction

Close, side by side,

Shining brilliantly in a shared light.


Dorothy S. Pam, so lucky to be surrounded by my whole family– daughter Carolyn and her family from Sunderland in the picture with me;  sons Jeremy (in D.C.) and Ben (Greenfield) on the other side of the circle, in the picture with Bob.