Dorothy PamDorothy Pam

For Amherst Town Councilor
District 3 (former precincts 4 & 10)

I will represent our District by proposing and supporting policies that balance community, diversity, and affordability to protect our neighborhoods, create sustainability, and locate development appropriately.




Did you know that the new Amherst Town Council

We must ensure that the proposed developments serve the common good of the town and protect our visible history, green spaces, and residential neighborhoods.

I pledge myself

Dorothy Pam is an experienced community activist and educator: founder and leader in senior and intergenerational services, community arts and health fairs, environmental groups. Leader in anti-war, feminist, and political reform activities.

Adjunct instructor at Holyoke Community College (2010—present). Previously: Northwestern Connecticut Community College; Eugenio Maria de Hostos Community College, City University of New York; Louis Armstrong Middle School, NYC; Rebecca Reed Elementary School, Grenada, Mississippi.

Dorothy Pam has "... the values, the “spine” and the critical independence to help the new Council make decisions that benefit all sectors of our town….For me, the key is to elect independent Council members who are not beholden to any special interests, and who have the alertness to keep a balance among our residential neighborhoods, our open farm and conserved green spaces, and the kind of development that will bring revenue to Amherst without damaging the qualities that led many of us to live here."

- Maurianne Adams 

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