Dear Neighbors in District 3,
Thank you so much for your rapid response last week to slow down the permitting process in the Town.  Now we are trying to take the petition drive to the next step to coordinate wider support.
Linked here is the resident petition requesting a 6-month moratorium on permitting of new construction downtown – until we have our new zoning amendments in place. (If you’ve signed one before, sign this one, too as the individual petitions we did before are not collated as this one will be.)  Please share it on social media and pass it on to 10 friends or neighbors, asking them to similarly pass it on.

The moratorium would allow for more community input, including what we want the future Amherst to be like. And to gather and measure current data.

A temporary pause would enable us to define height limits in scale with our town, setbacks and public spaces downtown, requirements for affordability, sustainability, diversity and inclusion, attractive and quality design elements, and a proactive approach by the town to attract new stores, restaurants, offices, and other appropriate commercial uses.

Thanks for your support.